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Open Friday, Saturday and Mondays from 10:30pm to 3am

Discover Nightlife like no other in Montreal

Located inside Hotel10, Blvd44 is a popular Montreal nightclub that offers a truly unique experience to all who visit. With three distinct sections (main room, mezzanine, and terrace), the club has something to offer everyone, no matter their tastes or preferences. The main room features a spacious dance floor, perfect for letting loose and dancing the night away. 

Good Vibes

But that’s not all that Blvd44 has to offer. The club also boasts numerous VIP booths, providing a private and exclusive space for you and your friends to socialize and enjoy a drink. With its casual and welcoming atmosphere, Blvd44 is the perfect place to let your hair down and have a great time. So why not come and check it out for yourself? You’ll be glad you did.

Cozy Place
The mezzanine offers a more laid-back atmosphere, with plenty of comfortable seating and a great view of the action below. And the terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy the fresh air and the stunning views of Montreal’s vibrant nightlife
Relax Atmosphere

Blvd44 is the perfect place to spend an exceptional evening with your gang! Impeccable service, tasty cocktails and an electrifying atmosphere will be part of your unforgettable memories after your visit to Blvd44.

Our BOTTLE List shows


If you’re looking for an evening of entertainment, look no further than BLVD44. With a selection of packages to choose from, you’ll be able to experience the best shows that we have to offer.


1 Ace of Spades 750 ML

8 Veuve Rich 750 ML

1 Clase Azul 750 ML

1 Patron Silver 750 ML

4 THE WIN - 3500$

3 Ace of Spades 750 ML

1 Clase Azul 750 ML

RICH FLEX - 2500$

6 Veuve Rich 750 ML

2 Grey Goose Magnum 1.75L

HER LOSS - 1500$

1 Grey Goose Magnum 1.75L

1 Patron Silver 750 ML

3 Veuve Rich 750 ML



Guestlist and bottle reservations on our site are strongly recommended due to high demand.


Open Friday, Saturday and Mondays from 10:30pm to 3am

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